Grab Bag of Prizes

Today on the show we are revewing the Määttä trade and the blocked trade by Kessel. We talk about the MLB All-Star voting along with the NBA blockbuster trade by the Lakers. We hit on the College World Series and how Michigan is proving Big Ten teams can compete on the national level. We end […]

Player Recruiting Combines

Today on the show we are talking about the pros and cons of player recruiting combines for high school athletes looking to play at the next level. Coach is returning with some of his players following a combine and he gives his thoughts on how to prepare for one. We also take a look at […]

Accidents and Playoffs

Jason Pierre-Paul suffered a potentially season-ending fractured neck in a single-car crash which comes after he already had an issue with a fireworks accident. The XFL broadcast rights have been picked up by ESPN and Fox. The Carolina Hurricanes have swept through the second round of the NHL playoffs and the NBA playoffs are deadlocked.