Series: The Southbound Sports Show

A breakdown of the world of sports.

  • Major League Baseball Regions

    Major League Baseball Regions

  • Sue Happy Saint Louis and the NHL Playoffs

    Sue Happy Saint Louis and the NHL Playoffs

  • The Business of Sports

    The Business of Sports

  • World Baseball Classic Champions

    This show is focused on the World Baseball Classic. The World Baseball Classic is a tournament in the vein of the World Cup. Teams from countries around the world compete […]

  • Awful Officiating in the NCAA Tournament

    The first two rounds of the NCAA tournament have been completed. Just like every other year, there are no perfect brackets left. Countless hours and shows about bracket selections are […]

  • Funky Seeding in the NCAA Tournament

    The NCAA bracket was released Sunday night during a shortened CBS broadcast. Last year, the network tried to stretch the show into a two-hour nightmare by extending the release of […]

  • NFL Free Agency Speculation

    In this episode of our podcast, we go longer than we typically do. We are talking about the NFL free agency period. This period takes the center stage before the […]

  • NFL Combine Redux

    This podcast is a continuation of our last one. I am once again talking with Jeffrey Meier about the NFL combine. When talking about the fastest 40 times, I mistakenly […]

  • Problems at Michigan State and NFL Combine

    There are rumors swirling around the Michigan State athletic department. Their athletic director missed an NCAA tournament selection debriefing to stay in East Lansing to attend to some of the […]

  • MLS Expansion and College Football Recruiting

    Twelve cities have put in applications for an expansion Major League Soccer franchise. That includes two cities here in North Carolina along with my preferred sports city of Detroit. I […]