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A breakdown of the world of sports.

  • Getting Swept and the Transfer Portal

    The conference finals series in both the NHL and the NBA could end in sweeps as the major market teams are getting eliminated. Big Ben said he hoped Kenny Pickett […]

  • NFL Schedule and NCAA Television Picks

    The XFL championship game delivered weak ratings while the Celtics came back to defeat the 76ers. The NFL schedule has been announced with one playoff game being broadcast online. The […]

  • NBA Playoffs and College Sports Gambling

    The Heat are a threat in the NBA playoffs as an 8-seed and the Lakers are becoming favorites as a 7-seed. The NFL is suffering a hangover after the draft […]

  • NFL Draft Recap and the XFL Playoffs

    The NFL Draft saw quarterbacks go high once again after a year off. Bryce Young was the first player taken and the Texans made moves to get the second and […]

  • NFL Draft and Spring Transfer Season

    The NFL Draft is about to kick off with uncertainty on the overall number one pick. Former Ohio State quarterback failures are causing Stroud to drop. The Big Ten is […]

  • Hurts Gets Paid and the XFL is Rigged

    The Eagles sign Hurts to a five-year, $255 million contract that makes him the highest-paid player in the NFL. Steelers are finalizing a trade for Allen Robinson II. The Big […]

  • NFL Sunday Ticket Prices and Kingsbury Joins USC

    YouTube TV has announced prices for the NFL Sunday Ticket and while the package can be purchased without a subscription, the prices are still higher than the DirecTV version. DC […]

  • XFL TV Ratings and NCAA Officiating Steals the Show

    The NFL is in full offseason mode with teams focusing on the draft with potential trades. The XFL has a ratings decline again but they are still leading television ratings […]

  • Lamar Jackson Asks for a Trade and NCAA Parity

    Lamar Jackson asked the Ravens for a trade. Aaron Rodgers might have to wait until July to be traded to the Jets. XFL numbers are staying competitive. Questions about parity […]

  • The XFL is Drowning and NFL Free Agency

    The XFL is struggling to promote the league while having poor ratings. The Aaron Rodgers deal is still waiting to go through while Lamar Jackson looks to cash in on […]