The Domination of Brittney Griner

If you do not know who Brittney is, you need to go to YouTube and search for her basketball highlights. She is a two-time recipient of both the Best Female College Athlete ESPY award and the Naismith Women’s College Player of the Year award. She single-handedly led Baylor to a National Championship and was the first overall draft pick in the WNBA when she graduated from college.

She is amazing. Tons of people talk trash on Brittney online. They call her ugly and man-like because she has the qualities that those males lack. She is confident and strong. She acts with conviction. She is well spoken and one of the best professionals in her field. She has been invited to training camp with the Dallas Mavericks. How many men would kill for that opportunity? Here is a woman, who would dominate basketball games around most guys and their friends. She would dunk on them and make them appear to be fools. Guys cannot deal with the ridicule that would follow.

Another reason that she gets heat online is because of her sexual preference. She has publicly announced that she is a lesbian. Many followed the announcement by asserting they were right all along about her being a man. But they were wrong. Sexual preference has nothing to do with someone being male or female. Members of either sex can be attracted to whatever sex they please. I openly applaud her decision of announcing her sexual preference publicly.

Female athletes do not get the same media attention as male athletes. That does not diminish their talents. Do yourself a favor and enjoy some Brittney Griner basketball highlights.