Ranking the Greatest Quarterbacks of All-Time

We have created a list on Ranker.com that lists all quarterbacks that fit certain criteria. We looked at four main categories to make our list. If a quarterback fits at least one of these categories, they are added to the list. This creates an inclusive list as it casts a wide net throughout league history. The categories we used were as follows.

The first category we looked at was multiple Super Bowl winners. A great quarterback needs to have a winning edge. Is there a better way to display a winning edge than by winning multiple Super Bowls? By adding in the multiple limiter, we were able to remove quarterbacks that might have lucked into winning a Super Bowl by riding a great defense.

Continuing with our theme of winning, the second category we looked at was quarterbacks who made the cut as Top 10 in all-time wins. A great quarterback leads his team to victory time and time again. This category gives quarterbacks a chance to make the list even if they didn’t have the opportunity to win the big game.

Looking from a scoring perspective, our third category used is Top 10 in passing touchdowns. To win games, a team needs to be able to score points. This gives quarterbacks a chance to make the list that may not have had a solid defense to help them close out games.

Our last category is a pure quarterback one. It is quarterbacks that are all-time Top 10 in passing yards. This gives quarterbacks one last chance to make the list. If they do not fit into this category, they do not deserve to be named as one of the best quarterbacks of all time.

Take a second to review our list and make your pick for the best quarterback of all time. You can vote each quarterback either up or down. You, the reader, will decide who will be named the best quarterback of all time.