Matt Ryan’s Playoff Turmoil

This weekend is a critical point in Matt Ryan’s career. In his eight-year career, he has an unflattering 2–4 playoff record. While he has been coined “Matty Ice” during the regular season, his playoff experiences have been far from elite quarterback status. This could all change this weekend.

He finally has the tools needed to get over the hump. However, he is up against Aaron Rodgers. While the Falcons are an overall much better team, Aaron Rodgers is at the top of his game. Rodgers is simply on fire right now. The final drive against the Cowboys showcases his unbelievable run. The throw he made to Jared Cook, on the run across his body, was amazing. Not many quarterbacks have the athletic ability to make that throw unbalanced and on the run. While Aaron Rodgers is hot as fire right now, Matty Ice is statistically playing better than Aaron Rodgers right now. This is Matt Ryan’s chance to cement himself as an elite quarterback.

When you talk about the all-time great quarterbacks, you talk about Super Bowl wins. If Matt Ryan can beat Aaron Rodgers’s Packers then either the Steelers or Patriots, then his name will finally be brought up in that conversation. He is currently playing in a time period with Brady, Roethlisberger, Rodgers, and Eli Manning who all have multiple Super Bowl wins. If he does not win this weekend and take the Falcons to the Super Bowl for the first time since 1999, his playoff record will fall to 2–5 without a Super Bowl appearance. Also, he will be scrutinized by the media and will have to wait another year to make a Super Bowl run. Big players make big plays in big games. That is the bottom line. This weekend we will see if Matt Ryan is a big player and if he will be on his way to be recognized as an elite quarterback.