The Pittsburgh Penguins took the first game of the series in Philadelphia by a score of 5-1 over the Flyers. This gives Pittsburgh a 2-1 series lead in the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

1st Period

Today we are going to be testing a live chat room for game 3 of the Penguins vs Flyers series in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs.
The series is tied 1-1 with the Penguins taking the first game 7-0 and losing the second 1-5.
The Penguins won all 4 of the regular series games with the Flyers.
Still going through the pregame stuff. Just start the game already.
It would be nice to get this first game in Philly to regain home-ice advantage in the series.
The puck is dropped and Flyers are attacking early.
Crazy save by Murray on the one on one attempt by Patrick there.
Fight now. Not sure if any penalties would be assessed here.
Good no call there as the puck hit the Flyers guy and not the stick.
Another chance for the Flyers there and we are only 2 minutes into the game. Penguins have to get more aggressive.
The early action clearly favoring the Flyers. A few more shot attempts as the Pens have not been able to keep the puck in their zone.
4-1 scoring chances favoring the Flyers 5 minutes into the game.
Penguins are very slopping with their passing and the Flyers are taking advantage.
Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy
Penguins finally attacking the net.
Taking a few shots but are not able to keep the puck in the zone.
Flyers are winning the face off battle by a score of 6-1.
Crosby scores!
Circles around the back of the net and sneaks one through. Penguins lead 1-0.
It feels good knowing the Penguins have been outplayed by the Flyers and are still winning.
Flyers on the power play. Hoping the Penguins can maintain their lead.
Penguins hold on the power play.
Penguins on the power play now.
Time to extend the lead.
Penguins are unable to score on the power play. Still lead 1-0.
Murray stops a great chance by the Flyers. Flyers weren’t able to get their follow up shot with Murray out of net.
Flyers now following up that attack with another power play.
A broken stick and the end of the first period helped contain the power play as the Penguins keep their 1-0 lead into the break.
Everything has gone the way of the Flyers except for the score.

2nd Period

The 2nd period is underway.
Penguins finish off the power play of the Flyers left over from the first period.
And now the Penguins get their chance on a power play.
Pens score!
Derick Brassard with the power play goal for the Penguins. The lead is now 2-0 over the Flyers.
Pens catch a break on penalties to get a 4 on 4.
4 on 3 now. Flyers falling apart. Fans are booing.
Fans chant “Refs you suck”.
Malkin scores!
Penguins go up 3-0.
Penguins score again!
4-0 lead now.
Philly falling apart was an understatement. Stadium is now silent.
Flyers get a power play looking to get something going here.
Matt Murray is the difference in this game.
It is only halfway through the 2nd period and it feels like this game is over.
Penguins get another power play chance but are unable to score.
Flyers score and are now on the board down 4-1 with 6 minutes left in the 2nd.
Not a lot happening. The Flyers goal did not excite the crowd as the stadium has been quiet with some back and forth.
Flyers go on the power play but the end of the 2nd period disrupts their chance. Pens had a shot at a shorthand goal right as time ran out but it hit the side of the net.

3rd Period

The 3rd period is underway.
Flyers continue their power play.
Flyers do not score on their power play.
Penguins are on a power play here in 3rd. Very slow period as expected. Penguins very much in charge of this game.
And just like that, the Penguins scored again to go up 5-1. Everything going to the Penguins way once again.
Another slow stretch in the game with the home crowd completely out of the game.
Hopefully, this games marks a lost chance for the Flyers. They came out hot but weren’t able to connect early giving all of the momenta back to the Penguins.
Penguins are still getting shots on goal.
Flyers on a power play late but it won’t matter. Only a few minutes left.
Looks like another penalty on the Penguins as the puck is caught out of the air.
5 on 3 hockey for a bit here.
The Penguins hold and the game ends with a 5-1 win for the Penguins over the Flyers.
Thank you for joining us for our live chat.