Ranking the Greatest Quarterbacks of All-Time

We have created a list on Ranker.com that lists all quarterbacks that fit certain criteria. We looked at four main categories to make our list. If a quarterback fits at least one of these categories, they are added to the list. This creates an inclusive list as it casts a wide net throughout league history. […]

Matt Ryan’s Playoff Turmoil

This weekend is a critical point in Matt Ryan’s career. In his eight-year career, he has an unflattering 2–4 playoff record. While he has been coined “Matty Ice” during the regular season, his playoff experiences have been far from elite quarterback status. This could all change this weekend. He finally has the tools needed to […]

Burfict vs DeCastro — Head to Head

The ball is snapped, you see the lineman firing off the ball. Out of the corner of your eye, you see the backside guard pulling, you instinctively know the ball is coming your way. Your eyes glance to your right, you see the tight end blocking down, it’s time to fit the run. You break […]