Fun Holiday Fitness Challenge

I’m adding a new category to our site to add extra content outside of the podcast. This will be a general fitness category we will use to expand on the workout topics we typically talk about on the show. I always forget to give updates on the show, so this gives us another place to do that.

I’m going to start by focusing on working out every day before the upcoming holiday season. The focus is going to be on consistency as the weather has turned colder and it makes it difficult to stay motivated to run outside.

Ring Fit on the Nintendo Switch for Fitness

For the reason, I’m going to bring back out Ring Fit for the Nintendo Switch. I picked up this game before the lockdowns hit due to the coronavirus and ended up playing it for a few weeks. I made it through the first two worlds before I started to run outside instead to get some extra time outside.

Each level builds in difficulty so my goal is to play for a half an hour each day using my watch to track the time. So far, I started playing on Monday and have made it through three days and have finished the third world. I’m not sure how many worlds are in the game but I’m going to post daily updates through the month of December.