Play NBA Games on Blacktop

The temperature has dropped as predicted. The five days of nice weather from last week feel like a mirage. The NCAA basketball conference tournaments are going to be starting soon. I wish the weather had a factor in the games. I think that some tournaments or games should be outside on blacktop. Tennis has tournaments […]

2017 First Four NCAA tournament basketball bracket

Automatic Qualifiers Need to Be Exempt from First Four Play-In Games

Once a year, the nation turns its collective eyes toward the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. Teams practice yearlong for an attempt at glory in the greatest postseason tournament in sports. For teams that belong to smaller conferences, their only shot at joining this tournament is to win their conference tournament. The conference tournament winner receives […]

The End of a Basketball Career

Yesterday, I found myself with mixed emotions as I watched an athlete take the court for the last time. This wasn’t a superstar athlete. This wasn’t an athlete with a multimillion-dollar shoe deal. This athlete was my brother, AJ, and he was a hell of a basketball player. AJ was the youngest of four, with […]

How to Fix Women’s Basketball

I have a solution to fix women’s basketball. Make it different from men’s basketball. The rules for basketball were created by men. Men adapted the rules over the years because of the changes in the athletes as workout routines improved. The rules that are currently set in place are the same ones that men are […]

NBA Imbalance

The 2016–2017 NBA season has just started. Once again, the league is filled with top-heavy teams giving the rest of the league no chance to win a championship. This makes the NBA completely unbalanced compared to the other major sports leagues. When feeling out the idea of Southbound Sports, I wrote this preview for the […]