Ranking the Greatest Quarterbacks of All-Time

We have created a list on Ranker.com that lists all quarterbacks that fit certain criteria. We looked at four main categories to make our list. If a quarterback fits at least one of these categories, they are added to the list. This creates an inclusive list as it casts a wide net throughout league history. […]

Problems at Michigan State and NFL Combine

There are rumors swirling around the Michigan State athletic department. Their athletic director missed an NCAA tournament selection debriefing to stay in East Lansing to attend to some of the issues they have been facing on campus. Some of the problems are related to the US women’s gymnastics coach that is under investigation. There was […]

ACC/Big Ten Softball Challenge

The ACC/Big Ten Softball Challenge occurred in Raleigh over the weekend. The weather was quite warm for the middle of February with weekend temperatures holding steady in the 70s. Since the weather was nice and the highly ranked Michigan Wolverines were coming into town, I made it a point to attend. The Challenge was modeled […]

MLS Expansion and College Football Recruiting

Twelve cities have put in applications for an expansion Major League Soccer franchise. That includes two cities here in North Carolina along with our sister sports city of Detroit. I am hoping that a new franchise gets added to one of those three cities to give me an MLS team to cheer for. I am […]

Super Bowl Thoughts During the Game

I decided to record the podcast a bit differently this week. I recorded bits and pieces during the game on my phone. The quality could have been a bit better if I had anticipated the need to use a microphone with the input jack on my iPhone 6. I enjoyed the live recording aspect of […]

Super Bowl Talk

This year the Super Bowl features a highly anticipated matchup. The New England Patriots are chasing history because their quarterback, Tom Brady, is on track to become the lone quarterback in NFL history with five Super Bowl victories. It will not be an easy task because they face a high powered Atlanta Falcons team. The […]

NFL Championship Games Recap and First Video Podcast

I am solo on this podcast as I am beginning to test video equipment for our show. This will help expand our reach and build up content for our YouTube channel. So if you don’t follow us already, head over to YouTube and subscribe to Southbound Sports. The NFL Championship games featured prominent matchups. The […]

How to Fix Women’s Basketball

I have a solution to fix women’s basketball. Make it different from men’s basketball. The rules for basketball were created by men. Men adapted the rules over the years because of the changes in the athletes as workout routines improved. The rules that are currently set in place are the same ones that men are […]