How to Fix Women’s Basketball

I have a solution to fix women’s basketball. Make it different from men’s basketball. The rules for basketball were created by men. Men adapted the rules over the years because of the changes in the athletes as workout routines improved. The rules that are currently set in place are the same ones that men are […]

NBA Imbalance

The 2016–2017 NBA season has just started. Once again, the league is filled with top-heavy teams giving the rest of the league no chance to win a championship. This makes the NBA completely unbalanced compared to the other major sports leagues. When feeling out the idea of Southbound Sports, I wrote this preview for the […]

Cubs Stay Alive

The game couldn’t have started any better for the Chicago Cubs. Kris Bryant started the scoring off with a solo home run to give the Cubs a 1–0 lead. Then Rizzo and Zobrist each singled to put two runners on for the Cubs. The Cubs were able to grow their lead to 7 runs in […]